The Invisibles

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The Invisibles (in collaboration with biothing)

“It is the presence of increasingly overlapping patterns in the facets of contemporary culture, in its fictional and non-fictional, material and immaterial states which present to us an entirely new perception of our environment…one less formal, less spatial, defined not by the conventions of boundary and border or by the presence of what we understand to be visible space, but atmospheric, strangely physical and yet not, event atmospheres…a translogical mist through which new architectures of latent political power simultaneously emerge and dissolve…a kind of cultural weather system in constant flux and formation, embracing the unbearable lightness of (artificial) being. Design enters a new form of incorporeality, one which embeds transient behaviors with its matter.

The syn(es)thetic branches of this aural creature are subject to cumulative changes triggered by logics of interlinked transformational filters and the system’s own axiomatic infrastructures. In the perpetual movement of its durational molecules, the fibers of the connective tissue frequently drift out of phase to discover ever new territories…This procedural life form mutates its host through an array of counterintuitive sensorial effects – as an ephemeral, ever changing, fantasy-expanding environment. It propagates non-pulsating time through its mediated processes. The creative potential of aion unravels through the breeding of sonic drizzles affective constellations of sonar molecules; a resonating hive which disrupts its host’s reverberations… The invisible structures are emitted and become actualized into a world of matter, heterogeneous but coherent streams of invisible data, newly visible, and yet invisible.”

- Alisa Andrasek

The Invisibles is a video and sound enviornment created for the 2003 Prague Biennale.


Alisa Andrasek
Gabriel Bach
Andrea Flamenco
Kevin Kane
Adam Marcus
Chris Perry
Michael Rabinovich